Auto Dealers need to clutch down on the Tech-Savvy wave

Its sporadic to meet someone today that is not on social media in some way. Many people view social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as channels to communicate with friends and family. However, social media has expanded to provide networking opportunities for all types of businesses, including the automotive industry.


Majority of automotive dealers have embraced social media as a marketing channel. Although, social media has evolved, and is continuously evolving. Yet dealers are still using the same strategy they used since the inception of Facebook. Facebook is fast becoming a “pay-to-play” platform, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

Automotive Facebook Ads have a greater click-through-rate on Facebook compared to other markets. There are certain technological aspects of Facebook Advertising that you’re going to have at apply or outsource experts, like Market Dealer to craft advertising campaigns specific to your dealership needs.


A few years ago, word of mouth was one of the top referrals for dealerships. Nowadays social media is the new word of mouth. 75% of car buyers and 68% of service customers trust social media platforms and review sites as a referral medium when selecting a car dealership. The need to have a firm grasp on your dealership’s reputation across all social media sites is imperative.

If nobody is monitoring outlets like Facebook, Google or Yelp your customers will have complete control over your reputation.

Digital Customer Care

This has become a huge deal. The window that dealerships have to respond to a customer has become smaller and smaller. Customers expect a response within 24 hours, but for a dealership this may be too long. Social media is a great place for customers to voice their concerns. With the wide range of options available, if a customer queries the monthly instalment on a vehicle from your dealership and he/she does not receive a response within a few hours, chances are they’re probably searching somewhere else.

At Market Dealer digital customer care is made a priority for dealerships. Direct follow ups and messages shows that your dealership acknowledges a customer’s concerns and lets them know you care about their concerns and are willing to assist promptly, rather than later.

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