Automatic Ads

Automatic advertising originates from the vast amount of social media advertising channels at our disposal. The addition of more channels contributes to Brand Manager’s having difficulty in effectively managing their campaigns across all social media networks. As resolve, automated online advertising efforts frees up one of their most important assets, time.

Automatic Ads can be effective and opens doors for brands to find more customers online. Imagine if a car dealership could deliver a direct message to a potential customer in their locale, for the precise model they are looking for and at the very minute they start searching! Amazing right? With the right data and skill set, anything is possible.

As magnificent as that sounds, however, high-tech without personalization is simply…pointless. Automatic Ads is an instrument, and just like any instrument it is only as powerful as the person who utilizes it.

Channels can be entirely automated, but it should not be. Simultaneously, if it is not automated, to an extent, findings often stem from guess work. The only way to ensure that everything works in your and your client’s favour, is to approach this subject by using automations in conjunction with a human touch. One can create an ad campaign, but it takes a village to make a sale!

We are taught to provide the right message to the right audience in the right place and at the right time. But finding the ‘right audience’ online is no walk in the park. You could be in the sportscar-market and automated ads will appear to anyone searching for specs of sports car, which is not a bad idea, but it could easily be any 14-year-old with a love for racing and no buying power.

Having experienced digital marketers manually configure targeting for your ads is cardinal and makes automated ads significantly more effective. For instance, if you serve the same message to a more target group of individuals that are of a certain age group, you’re more likely to not only get clicks but a sale!

It’s amazing how automation has brought scepticism as well as new prospects to the industry in the space of only a few years, but don’t stand in awe of what technology can do. The real power lies in what technology can do in the hands of the right people.

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