Automotive Support Services

Drives the sales process by conducting follow up calls every 24 hours and then completes the process by conducting a CSI call once the vehicle has been delivered.


To manage all the leads reached from the various online platform your dealership advertises on, Market Dealer developed a LeadCentre. LeadCentre is an off-site Call Centre managing all incoming leads from various online sources. The main purpose of LeadCentre is to contact a new prospect within 2 minutes of a lead being submitted. Once the client is on the line, we connect them to your dealership! LeadCentre also conducts follow up calls every 24 hours.

Business Intelligence & Training

Online marketing & lead data can be a very daunting task to filter through, we provide you with data analyst who will run through your data step by step and explain every detail to you. We build business intelligence dashboards that suit your needs and answer your most important questions so that you can understand your online presence better.

Strategy & Consulting

You know you need to advertise on multiple platforms to ensure you hit your target, but do you know what works and what doesn’t? We assist you in analysing your current data & marketing spend to optimize your advertising efforts to receive maximum return and sell more cars. Our team of experts will consult with you on your online strategy and assist you to build a solid online presence that suits your budget and at the pace you are comfortable with.

Design Studio

Our team of creative experts will forge any piece of artwork that you require. From the trusty old pen to huge billboards. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your brand is respected and what you put out to the consumer is of the highest quality and in-line with your brands CI

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