Car Sales Portal [CSP] is a dealer management system developed by Market Dealer. Birth by the concept of giving dealers an effective and innovative e-commerce solution to manage everything in one place. 

CSP provides dealerships with a website built in CSP, allows for stock syndication and management, lead ingest and -distribution, staff management and has built-in SEO systems to help your website dominate online.

CSP is built to suit not only one independent dealership, but effectively helps you manage motor groups.

Group executives have a birds-eye view of their dealers. With intelligent functions like stock report, you can easily see how much stock your motor group has, how many cars are published and unpublished and which require information like imagery.

Breaking it down, the CSP dashboard is built in a way that:


Are given a birds-eye view of the entire group in the holding account.


Are given a view of what’s going on in the entire dealership.


Are given a view of what’s happening in their department.

CSP is connected to 35+ external portals like Cars.co.za, AutoTrader, AutoMart, etc. This allows CSP to be a lead gathering system for motor groups, pushing it into each dealer’s CRM system and simplifying the sales funnel.

Intelligent functions are built into CSP to manage stock. To reduce 90-day stock holding within the dealership, CSP makes your dealership’s website proactive. When a stock unit reaches a certain amount of days, depending on the calculation that the Group Executive has decided on, CSP automatically reduces the price of the used car. When it reduces the price, it also automatically sends those prices to all the 3rd party external portals.

CSP is connected to leading automotive resources in South Africa, such as DiskDrive. So, when there are updates, be it pricing updates, specification updates or new models, the website gets fed with all the new information and is updated automatically from the database.

CSP functions as the heart of your lead and stock management systems, simplifying connections and saving you time. Manage stock, leads, staff and websites on the move, so dealers can spend less time online, and more selling cars!

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