Digital Marketing Trends In 2019

With the year in full swing you need to constantly assess where your business stands and plan new strategies. The goal will always be to stay ahead of your competitors and whether you have or have not yet had a digital marketing strategy planned or in place, here are some trends in the bustling world of digital marketing to consider:


Consumers are bombarded with a continuous flow of information with emails, ads, push notifications and everything else, which could be a lot to process. Think With Google has been talking about different types of “micro-moments” which is a new type of consumer behaviour that occurs when consumers instinctively turn to their devices to fulfill a need to research something, learn about something or purchase something. Generally, consumers make decisions instantaneously on where to eat or which website to make a purchase from, which means you’re only given a few seconds to catch their attention and provide them with the right information at the exact moment it’s required. The success of your brand will be affected by your ability to meet consumers’ needs in these micro-moments.

Social Media

Whether you’re a large organisation, a service company or a small local restaurant having social media platforms that is user friendly on all devices is essential for your business. Social media has become rooted in our everyday lives, the connection between brands and consumers has the potential to be closer than ever before. Consumers involve brands in every aspect of their lives. Don’t believe it? Ever browse through Instagram and saw a millennial post a picture in a new outfit and had every brand they’re wearing tagged in it or when they having lunch add the location of the restaurant in their story. A big part of our lives is now displayed on social media and brands has to have a strong social media presence to be involved.


Artificial intelligence is the future and having Chatbots programs automatically enter into received messages on platforms like website chat windows, Facebook, Twitter and even through SMS is a big trend not only for this year, but for many to come. So, by having automated conversations that would previously require an employee to respond to saves organisations time and money and provides consumers with after-hours support to access information even when the office is closed.

Voice and Visual Search

People have become accustomed to using Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant on a daily basis and now using your smartphone camera with Google Lens to generate a search results page for styles or designs that would be hard to describe has become a modern-day useful tool. Brands need to be quick to adapt to these trends by using content indicated by speak able structured data and have multiple images of products on a topic page.


The digital scene is constantly growing, and growth is bound to lead to change. Some trends come and go but others are here to stay so do research, know your market and where necessary, change.

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