How to avoid having an ugly website

Having accessible online information about your business is crucial for success in today’s digital age. The content that you put on your website must contain relevant information as to what the consumer wants to know, since that’s the reason why the consumer is on your website in the first place; to find out as much as they can about your services and products before they decide to pay your store a visit.

Here are 5 guidelines to follow when creating your website to avoid making the same mistake.

1. Ugly Domain

Be careful when choosing a domain, people tend to remember the easy, short website names for ex. Takealot.com, amazon.com etc. These domains people know of by heart, it’s short and sweet. Make sure your domain looks neat and not like a scam.

2. Long Loading Times.

Studies have shown that consumers exit the website after loading for longer than 3 seconds. The digital age is all about instant information, consumers dislike waiting. Keep your website fast, make it easy for consumers to interact and navigate different pages without having to wait. That is the point of instant information, right?

3. Complicated or Overwhelming Interface.

Does your website have too much going on, like too much content, or too many buttons? Yes, there is something like too much. When it comes to your website, choose quality over quantity. Keep your content relevant. Consumers visit your website to find out who you are, what you do, where you are situated, your contact details and the services and products you offer. Keep your website, clean, easy to navigate, and relevant.

4. Automatic Music or Videos

There is nothing more frustrating than navigating through the website when suddenly a music or video starts playing. A person’s first instinct is to kill that tab immediately. Music and Videos are always great if you use them correctly. Allow them to be able to play the video or music source when they choose to do so.

5. Website Doesn’t Scale

Make your website mobile-device friendly, meaning no matter if you’re on your desktop or mobile, it is still quick and easy to navigate through the websites. Having a responsive website is crucial as people will leave your website when it is a struggle to navigate through it.

Take the time to make sure your website is top notch – as this is the first impression of your business. You can thank us later!

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