Market Dealer Provides Everything You Need to Succeed Online

The experts keep telling us that online marketing is the way of the future. However, for many in the automotive trade, finding the most efficient and effective way of harnessing the power of this new animal is a daunting task. Market Dealer, part of the C2 Group of companies, comes to the rescue by offering an all-encompassing service that virtually guarantees that your online and social media campaigns will bear fruit.

Best of all, the company will ensure that you get to pick that fruit before it lands in someone else’s hands or falls rotten to the ground. According to Market Dealer director, Jacques Roux, the company was established in 2012, with the single vision of assisting local businesses with class leading solutions to enable them to grow.

“Market Dealer currently houses five divisions, each offering a unique set of services and products which, when combined, produce a very powerful and effective online marketing platform,” Roux explains. Market Dealer’s product offering truly makes it a one-stop shop for businesses wishing to get the most from their online presence and increase their profits as a result.

These products include digital advertising, social marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO), design and development of websites, strategy development and consulting. In terms of digital advertising, Market Dealer will promote your business across search engines, social media and other websites that are relevant to your customers. Cutting-edge technology is used to reach a hyper-targeted audience and at the end of each month a report is provided that shows the amount of phone calls, store visits, and of course revenue was generated.

In the case of social marketing, research shows that one in every five minutes is spent on social media. Through Market Dealer’s Social Media Management App, businesses can generate leads, schedule ready-to-publish content, and communicate with their followers all from one place, through the convenience of any device. The main features of the App include a post calendar, lead finder, analytics, a ready-to-post content library and an all-in-one composer.

SEO plays a vital role in any digital marketing approach. Aimed at reaching customers at the exact moment and on the platform they search for products or services related to your business, it’s the highest quality traffic you can target. Because you don’t pay for each click, you are able to scale your marketing efforts at a low cost, consistently building on your visibility, searchability and online presence. This is an area in which Market Dealer excels by combining technical, content and authority content to cater to the individual needs of each customer. “SEO should always be considered a long term strategy,” says Roux, “and the amount of competition, and changing factors used by Google to determine rankings mean that effective SEO is neither quick, nor easy.

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