The Shop

The Westvaal Online Shop incorporates basic usage guidelines templates and approved Cl designed items for the Westvaal Motor Group. This corporate identity guidelines and online shop have been established to ensure that when we visually present Westvaal, we are consistent and gain maximum impact. It is important that every member of the team understands and uses these guidelines so that our corporate image and identity is clear, consistent and effective, whatever the setting, activity or media we are using.


Westvaal’s company profile, brand guidelines and dealer logos can be obtained here. Please use CI Guides for both Westvaal and brands for print and digital. Find downloadable guides and logos here.


Here you will find personal branded and delivery items, both Westvaal generic and brand specific. Business cards, gifts, indoor and outdoor branding, name badges and more. Please ensure that you have a data file ready for all orders that require personal information.


Westvaal vehicle branding for trucks and motor vehicles. Find all options here.

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