The Rise of Digital Advertising

Brand advertising can be described as an artefact from the 1960’s. That was the age where television dominated everything, and where organisations would go to promote their new products and service offerings in the marketplace. Marketing was often viewed as an interruption.

A typical evening at home would consist of sitting down for dinner with your family and being interrupted by commercials, just as the plot in your favourite show thickens. Or while flipping through the pages of your favourite gossip magazine, you are bombarded by how happy a white and shiny kitchen counter can make you.

This was the only way to get in front of your audience, using intermediaries like television, radio, billboards and magazines. Media had all the power, they knew that organisations had to use one of their channels to reach consumers. With the introduction of the internet, brands have really come into their own. Marketers no longer need a third party to connect with their customers. They are now given an opportunity to create their very own compelling content and distribute it their own network. To create relationships and form brand loyalty with their consumers.

Digital advertising uses electronical channels like email, social media networks, online advertising on search engines etc. and utilises methods to analyse digital advertising campaigns. Allowing you to monitor what is being viewed, how many times it is viewed, to see what content works and what content doesn’t and even measure sales conversions, generally in real-time. This is not just a trend but has become the norm as more and more consumers turn to mobile research in their daily habits.

Digital has switched advertisement from simple display to wanting to get a “look what this brand stands for” reaction from consumers. Marketing is turning to the laws of attraction rather than interrupting their consumers. Seth Godin said, “Content is the only marketing that’s left”. This has more than been proved evident in our digitally transformed era. Great content with a message or sentimental meaning will attract consumers while aggressive advertisements will repel. The heart of it will always remain with where the consumer is.

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